Potvin Guitars COVID-19 Status

Potvin Guitars is operating as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please keep in mind that as always, due to the large number of template options offered, most items have a 1-3 week production time.

The Post Office (USPS & Canada Post) are reporting record breaking volume of shipments and an increase in bulky items which is slowing service down.  Please be patient at this difficult time.

USA and CANADA CUSTOMERS: FedEx and Postal deliveries are 100% operational at this time.  

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If your country is not currently accepting postal mail from Canada, the store will not be able to generate a shipping quote for you.  Some countries have stopped accepting mail for a day or two, and then resumed service as normal.

NOTE: Due to extremely high volumes and increased safety measures for COVID-19, many delivery service providers are experiencing delays. We appreciate your patience.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Mike Potvin

CSO, Potvin Guitars (Chief Sawdust Officer)