Bridge Drilling 7 String

  • Hipshot 7 String Bridge Drilling Template

    Hipshot 7 String Bridge Template

    Drill screw and string holes perfectly for your Hipshot 7 string hardtail bridge.  Includes engraved center line as well as minimum/maximum intonation reference lines. Also available in 6 string and 8 string. 1/2" MDF with engraved...

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  • String Retainer Block Usage String Retainer Blocks & Optional Template

    String Retainer Block

    The String Retainer Block is an alternative to individual ferrules on string-through guitar bodies.    Instead of drilling 6 individual holes for ferrules, a router is used to create a perfect pocket that the block drops into.  Never deal...

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  • String Retainer Block Template

    String Retainer Block Template

    The String Retainer Block Template is what you'll need if you're using my String Retainer Blocks as a alternative / upgrade for individual string ferrules on the back of your guitar body.  User your router to create a perfect pocket in the body for...

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