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Bolt-on neck sets

  • 335-Style bolt-on neck archtop guitar template set

    335-Style Bolt-on Archtop Template Set

    This is a 25.5" scale, bolt-on neck 335-style template set.  This set is not only for those who want to make a traditional archtop with bent sides, although you could use these templates to do just that.  Other possible build ideas...

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  • AV Bolt-on Template Set

    AV Bolt-on Template Set

    AV bolt-on template set.  25.5" scale length, 6 strings.  Choose from several bridge options (default is Tune-o-matic with strings through body).  Also available in a neck-through set. 1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference...

  • BB-Style bolt-on neck guitar template set

    BB-Style Bolt-on Template Set

    BB style 25.5" scale, bolt-on neck template set.  The collaboration between Billy Gibbons of ZZ-Top and Bo Diddley (hence the name "Billy Bo") produced this quirky yet classic design. Also available in a set-neck version. 1/2" MDF with...

  • Conversion Neck Template T-style Conversion Neck Template T-style

    Conversion Neck Template

    Build your own conversion neck with this easy to use template set.  A conversion neck allows you to turn a 25.5" (Fender) scale guitar into a 24.75" (Gibson) scale length without modifying the body or moving the bridge.  The set includes a neck...

  • DC59 Template Set

    DC59 Template Set

    The DC59 is a 25.0" scale, 21 fret template set.  Available with several bridge choices and routed for Seymour Duncan Lipstick pickups.  Ask about other hardware options. 1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference markings. Requires...

  • FB-Style Bolt-on Template Set

    FB-Style Bolt-on Template Set

    Classic FB-Style template set with 25-1/2" scale bolt-on neck.  Also available in standard 24-3/4" scale set-neck. Features: includes two headstock styles (regular and banjo tuner) banjo tuner version includes template for stepped headstock and...

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  • FR-Style Template Set

    FR-Style Template Set

    The FR-Style template set (24 fret, 25.5" scale length) is available with several popular humbucker pickup options including DiMarzio, Bare Knuckle and Seymour Duncan.  Choose from either Hipshot or Floyd Rose (posts only) bridge options.  The...

  • Iceman style template set

    Iceman Style Template Set

    Iceman style template set.  Bolt-on 25.5" scale neck.  Choose from several bridge options.    1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference markings. Requires body blank minimum 22" x 14.5" (56cm x 37)

  • J-Master Chambering Template

    J-Master Chambering Template

    The J-Master chamber template works perfectly with our full J-Master template set and allows you to create a weight relieved J-Master body.  You can also use one our f-hole templates and create a thinline J-Master. 1/2" MDF with engraved...

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  • J-Master Template Set

    J-Master Template Set

    The J-Master template set includes everything you need to build this offset classic.  When you're done building, you can play the blues, rock or even jazz.  If you got really, really good at it... that would make you a Jazz Master. Also...

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