Thin Twin Style Template Set

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Thin Twin

The K-161 Thin Twin, famously played by Jimmy Reed, was introduce shortly after Gibson launched the Les Paul. The original was a 2.75" (~70mm) thick semi-hollow guitar with an unusual 25.75" scale length set-neck. Inspired by the original but designed for an easier build experience, the template set features a 25.5" scale length bolt-on neck. The neck template is included, but you can use your own standard T or S-Style neck.  "ThinTwin" was a reference to the unique appearance of the dual pickups, having a very slim profile. The templates have universal pickup routes and come with a pickguard for your choice of Mini-Humbuckers or standard full-size humbuckers. Order BOTH pickguards for even more flexibility. Don't let the "Thin" part of the name fool you into thinking this model is on the small side.  The body is 15" wide! Don't worry, a chambering template is included to remove much of the weight, and of course you can make the body any depth you like. When choosing the TOM (Tune-o-matic) bridge option, remember to order a set of Neck Angle Wedges.

1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference markings.

Requires body blank minimum 20" x 15.5" (51cm x 39)

Recommended Parts List:

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Bridge Options

▶ Hipshot Hardtail Bridge

▶ Gotoh Hardtail Bridge

▶ Gotoh Tune-o-matic Bridge



▶ Tuners

▶ Neck Mounting Plate with Screws

▶ Strap Buttons

▶ Strap Button Felt Washers

▶ Pickguard Material

▶ Pickguard Screws



▶ Control Pots

▶ Control Knobs

▶ Capacitor

▶ Output Jack

▶ Jack Mount

▶ Wire

▶ Shielding:

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