LEAD-II Style Template Set

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  • LEAD-II Style Template Set
  • LEAD-II Style Pickguard Templates



The LEAD was designed as a less expensive alternative to the Strat. It has a slightly smaller body but uses the same familiar neck and pickups as it's big brother.

This template set is actually a combination of the LEAD-II and LEAD-III models. The body is routed for LEAD-III style cavities to allow more pickup options with just a pickguard swap.

Choose from either the single coil (SS) or humbucker (HH) pickguards, or save when you take both!

1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference markings.

Requires body blank minimum 17.5" x 12.75" (45cm x 33)
Requires neck blank minimum 26" x 3.5" (66cm x 9)

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