Classic '62 S-Style template set

S-Style Template Set ('62 Style)

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    The classic '62 S-Style Template set is available in a variety of configurations.  Choose from top routed (the "normal" S-Style with a pickguard), or back routed (no pickguard).  For the rear route version you'll want to also add the control cavity set to your order.  Once you've chosen top or back route, you can choose from a few pickup options.  A standard S-Style would be SSS, but you can also choose HSS (humbucker in the bridge position) or HSH.  The USS option (available only with top routing) has a universal route in the bridge position to allow a humbucker or single coil.  When ordering the USS option, please indicate which pickguard you want (SSS or HSS) in the order notes.

    1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference markings.

    Requires body blank minimum 18.5" x 13" (47cm x 33)
    Requires neck blank minimum 26" x 4" (66cm x 10)

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    1. Templates Surpass Expectation!

      After looking at templates for years I finally pulled the trigger!
      Nicely cut,centrelined and other useful marks.
      Very good templates!
      Excellent customer service too!
      on 2017 Aug 10th

    2. Great Templates!

      These templates are really the best i've seen!
      Firstly, you get a solid THICK half inch MDF board (instead of those thin flimsy ones)
      also, each corner and joint is cut to great precision and fit! No gaps due to laser burn marks or sloppy cutting.
      They may be more expensive than others all over the net, but it's worthwhile getting good quality master templates for better quality guitars to come.
      on 2017 Jul 3rd

    3. Best Templates and Service ever

      There's not much I can say. Excellent templates and an excellent Service. Mike's a very nice guy who fulfills every wish.
      I come from Switzerland and the shipping Service was excellent as well.
      Enjoy it!
      on 2017 Feb 1st

    4. Quality beyond expectations

      Mike Potvin's templates are of the best quality. When I received and opened the package containing my template order, I was instantly amazed at the precision and quality that Mike Potvin puts in his work. My hat's off to you Mike! Great stuff! on 2017 Jan 1st

    5. Perfect in every way.

      I've bought many templates thru the years and I've even made my own...mainly due to what was available at the time...not so good. Mikes templates are superior to all of them. Great thickness, proper fit and good center lines. I will use them to make more templates for regular use.....(don't want to mess these ones up). I'll be back for sure. on 2016 Apr 19th

    6. Excellent customer service and templates!

      After ordering my templates, I shot Mike a message about the tremolo spacing I wanted to use with my build. He modified it to that spacing at no extra charge. Mike is super nice to his customers and has the best customer service! Best templates on the market by a long shot. Thanks Mike! on 2016 Apr 14th

    7. Great Templates !!

      I purchased templates from Mike as I had read good things about them and can confirm that they are indeed very well made templates. I have bought templates from another source some time ago and they are ok but not close to the quality of Mikes. Nice 1/2 inch thick material with centre lines engraved. Very nice !!
      If your are from another country (I am from Australia) it may take a while for the templates to arrive but be patient because it is well worth the wait.
      on 2016 Mar 21st

    8. Perfect again.

      Mike's custom work was ON POINT. Nothing more I could have asked for! on 2016 Feb 8th

    9. Awesome template

      Excellent S-Style Template Set ('62 Style). Nicely crafted templates. on 2015 Dec 12th

    10. Superb

      I ordered a couple templates from Mike, and they ALL are awesome. Order with confidence.... you will not be disappointed. I had found templates from another source before, and Potvin's are significantly better. These are workable templates, being that they are 1/2" thick, versus other's who sell 1/4" material, often leaving you forced to make another set of templates for various procedures.

      Bottom line, search no more.... if you need templates get them here.
      on 2015 Nov 27th

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