Set Neck 7-String Template Kit

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  • Set neck template kit with 24 frets
  • Set neck template kit with 22 frets
  • Set neck template kit available with 22 and 24 frets


7-String Set Neck Kit

Includes everything you need to create a 25-1/2" scale fretboard, neck and matching neck pocket for your set neck guitar builds. Choose either the 22 fret or 24 fret version. Save when you order both!

Please Note: the 22 fret and 24 fret versions both conveniently use the same neck template.  The 24 fret version will simply have a shorter heel extending into the neck pickup cavity.

If you choose the Floyd Rose (Posts only!) bridge option, remember to also order the Recessed Floyd Rose template set.

Also available: 6-String Set Neck Template Kit

1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference markings.

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