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The BEST DOUBLE SIDED TAPE For Guitar Building

  • Wandre Doris Template Set Wandre Doris Pickguard Template Set

    Wandre Doris Style Template Set


    Wandre Doris Antony Wandre Pioli made guitars from the late 1950’s through the 1960’s, and the Doris is a favorite for many fans. The original had a wood and plastic body with a 24-3/4" aluminum...
  • 5-String P-Style Bass Template Set

    P-Style 5-String Bass Template Set


    5-String P-Style Bass 34" scale length, 5 string P-Style bass template set.  Routed for Lollar 5-string split pickup. Also available: P-Style Bass Chambering Template for creating...
  • Set neck template kit with 24 frets Set neck template kit with 22 frets

    Set Neck 7-String Template Kit


    7-String Set Neck Kit Includes everything you need to create a 25-1/2" scale fretboard, neck and matching neck pocket for your set neck guitar builds. Choose either the 22 fret or 24 fret...
  • Potvin Guitars White Glove Service

    White Glove Service


    White Glove Service If you've dreamed up a unique guitar idea, Potvin Guitars specializes in designing custom templates tailored to your exact specifications to help bring your idea to...