• Warlock Template Set

    Warlock Template Set

    Warlock Warlock-Style template set (24 fret, 25.5" scale length) with neck-though construction.  Choose from several popular humbucker pickup options including DiMarzio, Bare Knuckle...
  • Mandocaster Template Set


    Mandocaster The Manodcaster is an electric mandolin with a  13.78" scale length. Both 4 and 8 string neck templates are included. You can build either solid body or a chambered body with an...
  • LEAD-II Style Template Set LEAD-II Style Pickguard Templates

    LEAD-II Style Template Set

    LEAD-II Style The LEAD was designed as a less expensive alternative to the Strat. It has a slightly smaller body but uses the same familiar neck and pickups as it's big brother. This template set...