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Set-neck sets

  • 295-Style Ttemplate Set

    295-Style Archtop Template Set

    Inspired by the classic 295, this template set features a simplified glued (setneck) neck joint.  The original 295 features a trapeze tailpiece and floating bridge which is still an option, but the templates are drilled for either a wraparound...

  • 335 DG-Style archtop guitar template set

    335 DG-Style Archtop Template Set

    The DG is a variation of the ES Style template set featuring diamond f-holes and a 6 in-line headstock. As with the ES style, the DG is not only for those who want to make a traditional archtop with bent sides, although you could use these templates to...

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  • 335-Style archtop guitar template set

    335-Style Archtop Template Set

    This template set is not only for those who want to make a traditional archtop with bent sides, although you could use these templates to do just that.  Other possible build ideas include: slab body (no chambers or f-holes) chambered thinline...

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  • 339-Style archtop guitar template set

    339-Style Archtop Template Set

    The 339 is the little brother of the 335!  At 14" from side to side, it's a scaled down version with all the vibe of it's big brother.  This template set is not only for those who want to make a traditional archtop with bent sides, although you...

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  • BB-Style guitar template set

    BB-Style Template Set

    BB style 24.75" scale, setneck template set.  The collaboration between Billy Gibbons of ZZ-Top and Bo Diddley (hence the name "Billy Bo") produced this quirky yet classic design. Also available in a bolt-on neck version. 1/2" MDF with...

  • LP-Style Binding Jig

    Binding Jig LP-Style

    Pre-forming binding before gluing makes life easier when you come to those sharp bends.  You could just tape the binding in place on the actual body, but that wastes tape and still doesnt hold as tight as you'd like. With this jig you just press...

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  • D-Jet Template Set

    D-Jet Template Set

    The D-Jet is a 24.6" scale, 22 fret template set.  Drilled for Tune-o-matic bridge and NO stop tailpiece, routed for BOTH humbucker and Filtertron pickups.  Ask about other hardware options. 1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference...

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  • '58 Exp-Style Template Set

    Exp-Style '58 Template Set

    Classic '58 Exp-Style template set.  Also available as a 25.5" bolt-on body. 1/2" MDF with engraved center lines and reference markings. Requires body blank minimum 23" x 18" (59cm x 46)

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  • Non-Reverse FB-Style neck template set Non-Reverse FB-Style pickguards

    FB-Style Non-Reverse Template Set

    Non-reverse FB style 24.75" scale, set-neck template set.  It's a bit of a brain bender remembering which FB-style is which.  The more familiar version made famous but such players as Johnny Winter is actually the REVERSE version...

  • FB-Style Set-neck template Set

    FB-Style Template Set

    Classic FB-Style template set with 24-3/4" scale set-neck.  Also available in 25-1/2" scale bolt-on neck. Features: includes two headstock styles (regular and banjo tuner) banjo tuner version includes template for stepped headstock and truss...

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  • Fireman style template set

    Fireman Style Template Set

    The Fireman (sometimes referred to as a reverse-Iceman) set features a 24.75" scale 22 fret set neck.  Remember to order a set of Neck Angle Wedges to make setting the neck at the correct angle a snap. Click here to see our Iceman...

  • LP Jr Doublecut Template Set

    LP Jr Doublecut Template Set

    The Doublecut Jr with it's dog ear P90 is a classic that every guitarist wants in their arsenal (right next to the the Singlecut Jr!).  The simplified neck joint also makes this set perfect for those new to building set-neck guitars. Also...

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